My child goes to the after school program and loves it! What a self confidence builder for him!

Kenneth Zapen

I’ve been training here for years. What I love about Sensei Mateo is he was taught the “old school” judo before the IJF made most of the techniques illegal for sport. This means the judo he teaches is very effective for self defense/street combat vs the new watered down judo. He teaches in depth ground grappling techniques as well as standing throws and take downs. Most modern Judo Dojos focus mainly on the throws with very little emphasis on the ground fighting that happens afterwards. Not so with this dojo! Mateo will train you to be deadly effective standing or on the ground.


I do not attend the school. I’m a 2 time Florida and one Pennsylvania state champ in the open heavy weight division. I have had the pleasure to lose to sensei Mateo in competition. I came back to challenge him traveling across state. Unfortunately he was injured and could not compete but he coached me and taught me so much. I won that our tournament soundly. I am convinced that Sensei Mateo had forgotten more judo than I very ever learned. He is a living example of what a a great judoka should be.

Kenneth Zapen

A fun, safe and friendly place to train.

Erwin Medina

Sensei Mateo Gonzales is one of the best teachers that I've ever had.

Tony Paolella

Great place to train. Fun friendly environment. Sensi Mateo is the best!

Christy Patterson Pattillo

This place is awesome!!!! The staff is amazing, all about being safe!!

Harvietta German

I luv this place,the teacher are all a wonderful group of people they have done such a great job with my girls.

Lawrence Stone


Lisa Best

This is the Best place to go to learn Judo. Sensi Mateo is the best teacher and especially with kids we love you Sensi